Demons in Today’s Society

In the bible, you often read about Jesus and his disciples driving demons out of people, and the aspect of people being possessed by demons in general, which has always peaked my interest, and I can’t help but wonder whether or not the same thing happens in our world today in such a literal fashion.  I think my curiousity has a lot to do with my fascination with movies or stories about spiritual warfare, where there is an actual physical war going on behind the scenes with the people fighting people, or angels fighting angels, or people fighting demons, etc.  

I really think the idea of fighting in a physical war against Satan and his angels, and having measurable results is more appealing to me than just fighting a war with myself and my own temptations.  Which, when you think about it, of course it is easier when we are fully aware that we are under attack in the moment, and can do something about it right then.  However, that is seldom the case, and in order to win we have to arm ourselves with the tools to nip Satan/temptation/etc. in the bud (bud?) before it creeps up on us and gains ground.

Anyway, back to the point.  Are there cases in today’s society where demons use the same tactics we read about in Luke and Mark?  Have we ever met someone who was possessed by a demon, and we just thought they were weird?  Or more likely someone in a mental institution?  I have trouble thinking so, but who knows?  I read an article that made the observation that there was so much demonic activity during the time of Jesus, and the writer noted that when Jesus was born, the war between good and evil, heaven and hell, God and Satan, etc., had escalated.  Satan knew he was going to be defeated, but he still did everything in his power to keep Jesus from making it to the cross.

Which brings me back to my point.  In today’s society most people would agree that the world as a whole has been steadily moving in a direction of indifference, and the amount of evil, demonic activity and sinful behavior is on the rise, which is very likely because the war between heaven and hell is coming to a climax and Satan is doing everything he can again to get between us and God.  Does this mean that we could start seeing more evident signs of demons in our world very soon, or that we already should be?  I honestly don’t know and plan to do some more research on the subject, but please feel free to comment if you have done the research, or if you disagree, etc.  Just let me know cause I’m genuinely curious about what people think about it!

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  1. #1 by Eric - April 3rd, 2009 at 21:48

    Well for the longest time I just imagined that demons were a thing of Jesus’ time and didn’t apply to ours, but I’ve learned I was wrong. Cordy has told me about a concert they played where there was a disruptive, laughing girl in the crowd and later another a student said he could see a demon whispering things in her ear… Jen has told me stories also. Her cousin encountered a possessed person and she prayed the demon away, and during that the demon threatened her brother (by name).

    I think maybe, because it’s so hard to believe, we brush things off as something else when in fact this could be the reason. I, now, believe there is a constant, physical war taking place between angels and demons. The Bible says that, at any time, we can ask God to send us a legion of angels to fight off the demons in our lives, which I believe are behind every temptation to sin.

    What a great post!

  2. #2 by David - April 4th, 2009 at 05:27

    Really resisting the urge for a joke about expelling demons and slicing off peculiar moles. It never gets old, it’s like the gift that keeps giving.

    I agree that there is more going on that we are probably aware of. Just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist (wireless signals, air, scary demons, etc) but we’re probably not capable of detecting it continuously.

    Also I think I wish I hadn’t found this right before I fell asleep and had to turn all the lights off in the house, awesome.

    For every ‘advance’ mankind makes we really shoot ourselves in the foot. I bet half the prophets would have been put in an insane asylum because ’sane’ minds as defined by science at that time wouldn’t act that way. Or ‘logical’ minds ‘know’ that religion is for ‘less intelligent people.’.

    I think old school warfare is out and there has been a total grassroots effort to increase indifference, or worse intolerance. Two people can’t disagree on anything anymore without someone getting shot.

    I have no point, I think demons exist but they probably don’t look like what we think they do. They’re foot soldiers, meant to disrupt people on an individual scale. So they’re probably attractive in appearance, seductive, tempting. Which is if they even need to take a human form. Scary stuff.

  3. #3 by Eric - April 4th, 2009 at 16:40

    this is not eric, this is jen. you need to read the book spiritual warfare. i do not know the author off the top of my head. it addresses most if not all of the questions in your post and might be my favorite book of all time. It is a really hard book to wrap your mind around but very eye opening!


  4. #4 by Eric - April 4th, 2009 at 16:47

    Jen again: also read This Present Darkness (fiction, but talks about the present day spiritual world from the angels’ point of view interacting with humans). I have it if you want to borrow it.

  5. #5 by Eric - April 4th, 2009 at 16:47


  6. #6 by Radio - April 8th, 2009 at 17:10

    Okay so first off TOTALLY JUST READ YOUR BLOG..dont ever say I didn’t….

    Second, seriously read This Present Darkness. AWESOME novel on the subject. I will warn you though…don’t read it at night when you are in your “condo” alone. it can get scary. But i think its a really cool depiction of spiritual warfare.

    I think spiritual warfare is definetly real and like you said, when we are aware of it we are stronger, because instead of just excusing things as “feelings/emotions/reactions” or whatever we can contend that maybe..just maybe God is trying to use us today and the devil is just going to do anything he can to make us useless. I have a thousand things to say on the subject but now my comment is really really long so I am stopping. but loved the post radio!

  7. #7 by Dawn - April 22nd, 2009 at 16:15

    Okay- so what I think, based on what I have read in the bible is this- not only is there demonic presence here on earth (i guess) but it is more than just what we would think as obvious. Like Eric said, everything we battle is spiritual. Satan in sly, he and his demons are masters of disguises. So as the world come closer to an end it will be a lot more visible, but that is just because we are desensitized ourselves to what is abnormal. He will begin to take on more of his form the closer to the end we get because we are slowly accepting more of him and his presence as normal.

  8. #8 by Steven - June 22nd, 2009 at 19:21

    I have read perhaps 40-50 books on demonology, some fiction like the series “this Present Darkness”, to first hand documentaries of exorcism in the US happening today. I have read the biblical accounts, and have had some success in getting familiar spirits out of my sisters friends house. That demon was attempting to convince my sisters friend that it was her departed brother. It was a lie I told her, then I told her how to spiritually clean her house. The spirit is gone now. It would thump people on the head in the house like her brother used to do. It was an attempt to get them talking and become a familiar spirit. It’s a common tactic with the enemy. My sister also had a spirit that was attempting to become familiar with the family. You would see it’s outline around the corner of a wall or see it’s head pop out, out of the corner of your eye. You knew someone was there, but if you went to look, no one could be found. It would also turn on the TV at night and turn it off when someone would come. It started talking to my niece, which totally freaked her out. She was lying in bed and it whispered in her ear, “We need to talk.” I also suggested that they clean their house, and they have had no problems since then. I have personally talked with a demon possessed person or two. When they know that you know, then the jig is up and they tend to come clean. Most are almost like little kids, not to bright, very emotional, limited in what they can do, but still very dangerous as they report to higher ups and if they get a foothold in a persons life they can bring in more evil spirits with them. The upper tier of demons are arch angels, and they are very powerful and extremely dangerous. Satan is one. You would never want to even attempt to exorcise a demon of such power without having yourself clean free and in a right standing with Jesus, having yourself healthy and ready for a serious, even life threatening fight, and a group of people somewhere that would promise to not stop praying for you and the people under attack until the whole ordeal was over. It could take in some cases days or weeks, to rend a spirit from a house or a person if they are powerful and have many other spirits with them. It is not a hopeless condition though and I would encourage anyone with that kind of problem to seek out help. It is there. You need someone with a compassion for the person who is under torment. You also need someone who realizes that not all situations are demonic, but maybe in a persons mind. Never talk to spirits unless you are asking them to leave, they are all liars. Satan is the father of lies and they all emulate him in that, but mix in enough truth to deceive you. Never attempt to tangle with spirits if you are not spiritually clean yourself. If you are involved in sin, or have unrepentent sin in your life, or have had recent serious injury to your mind, will, or emotions through drugs, recent death that you took very hard, or other things, then you are likely not in any kind of position to do anything, but get yourself in trouble, seriously hurt or dead, or minimally make matters worse. Malachi Martin who was, among other things, an exorcist for the Catholic church wrote a book that detailed five exorcisms here in the US. All occurred recently and it gives insight into how they all became possessed. Hostage to the Devil is the title. A couple other books that would be good introductory stuff to helping keep your own life and house clean of demonic influence is Clean House, Strong House, by Kimberly Daniels. I don’t follow with everything there, but most of it is good. Spiritual House Cleaning by Eddie and Alice Smith is also good. Easy read, to the point, and should be available at most book stores. If anyone has specific questions or a problem, maybe I can help. Just drop me an email at Last thought. Find a good church, read the bible daily, pray (that is have a relationship with God, and be sure that you are saved from Gods wrath by having Jesus as your personal savior.

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